Al Bawardi Forwarding & Clearing

Fast-growing logistics service provider offering logistics solutions

Air freight

Providing seamless air freight import services backed by a strong global agent network.

AFC offer a suite of air freight products which has been designed to meet the logistics challenges our customers face every day. We constantly strive to expand and improve our portfolio of services to ensure that we stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our services incorporate innovative and industry-unique features including.

As of now we have both import and export air freight from Abu Dhabi airport.

Al Bawardi Forwarding & Clearing

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Efficient and cost-friendly logistics solutions

Looking for efficient and cost-friendly logistics solutions for your business needs? Look no further than Al Bawardi Forwarding & Clearing (AFC) - a fast-growing logistics service provider in UAE and around the world!

From its inception in 1994 AFC has been serving its customer

Fulfilling the needs. Because AFC is neither a very large set up nor is too small and hence can cater and customize to the needs of its valued stakeholders.