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Removals and relocations

AFC is one of the leading international removal and relocation company. We offer services to individuals and corporates who are looking to move in and out of the country. We carry out many removals each year and provide a stress-free relocation experience. We fully understand the challenge our customers face when looking to find a reputable and reliable relocation company in Abu Dhabi.

AFC was founded to assist individuals and corporates in their removal and relocation services which include shipping household goods to finding a suitable home. We have successfully moved many families to different destinations. Our company has been built up by a group of professional and experienced people with knowledge in the relocation industry. We have partnered with more international global agents who are certified to handle your clearance and delivery of goods to various destinations.

Planning your relocation is an important step to a positive experience. Our consultants are equipped with the knowledge to provide you with various country regulations, prohibited list of goods, possible extra charges to consider when moving to specific destinations which help to set the right customer expectation. There are no surprises in the end when using our service, which is what sets us apart from others.

We strive to provide the highest possible customer service to clients, and this is why we have most of our customers through recommendations.

Al Bawardi Forwarding & Clearing

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Efficient and cost-friendly logistics solutions

Looking for efficient and cost-friendly logistics solutions for your business needs? Look no further than Al Bawardi Forwarding & Clearing (AFC) - a fast-growing logistics service provider in UAE and around the world!

From its inception in 1994 AFC has been serving its customer

Fulfilling the needs. Because AFC is neither a very large set up nor is too small and hence can cater and customize to the needs of its valued stakeholders.